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Cleaning Service Kuwait has a cleaning experts team and also has long experience in this industry. We have performed many services with success in the past. We use advanced technologies and eco-friendly tools, we provide safe and healthy cleaning solutions to our customers across Kuwait.

We Provide Apartment Cleaning, House Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Kitchen Cleaning, Sofa Cleaning, Floor Cleaning, Office Cleaning, Window Cleaning Services, etc. We provide budget-friendly cleaning services in Kuwait by trained & verified cleaners. 100% customer satisfaction is our main goal.

Why are we the top company in Kuwait?

Homeowner you can trust – we ensure that our services include:

Welcome to cleaning service in Kuwait

Cleaning Service Kuwait

>> 24/7 customer support
>> Monthly subscription
>> Up to 24 hours cancellation
>> Fully trained cleaner
>> Recurring discounts
>> Five-star service
>> 24-hour customer support
>> Nature-friendly service
>> Budget-friendly price
>> Customizable service
>> Happy to meet your needs
>> 100% customer satisfaction 
>> 7 years of experience
>> Eco-friendly service

Below is a brief overview of the cleaning services company in Kuwait

Service Guarantee
Happy customer
Expert Team
Project Done

Our Aims and Objectives


Our mission is to expand our best service and become one of the best cleaning companies in Kuwait. We strive to provide reliable and quality cleaning through our team.


We believe our cleaning services could be offered in many best ways and that’s the reason why we keep on improving our cleaning methods to deliver custom-made solutions.


With the use of advanced technologies and eco-friendly tools, we provide safe and healthy cleaning services to our customers across the whole of Kuwait.

We are The Best Cleaning Service Company in Kuwait.

Our Service prides itself on offering superior standards of cleaning solutions for residential and commercial properties across Kuwait and the most reasonable prices. Since its inception, we have been thoroughly cleaning and serving thousands of owners to get customer satisfaction.

We are using the latest techniques and advanced equipment and trying to service of mind to our customers. To make sure customers are getting the highest quality of service, we have compiled our cleaning process with the permitted checklist and can also handle your inspection.

Apartment Cleaning Service in Kuwait

Why Are We Different?
What Set Us Apart?
Why Choose Us?

Customizable service

If you want us to follow your menu and instructions, choose one of the Hourly/Daily/Monthly rates. If you want to follow our recommendations, try our Fixed Price service.

Offers and discounts

We always focus on the economic situation of our customers and try our best to provide service at an affordable price. You can take advantage of our special offers and service discounts (if available).

No hidden fees

We have been providing professional cleaning service in Kuwait for the past 7 years successfully. We don't have any hidden fees after you call. We are committed to providing services transparently.

Always the same cleaners

We know how frustrating it can be to have different teams for every regular service or maintenance. We appoint a permanent team of experts to serve you. We also have a large experienced team

Easily book and pay

Appointments are booked online in one simple process, using your phone, tablet, or computer. Moreover, you can also schedule an appointment by calling us directly. Call Now: 50169784. We are happy to meet your needs.

Advanced tools

We use advanced techniques and the latest equipment for your convenience, and our team brings their equipment to each service. We provide all kinds of services safely. Our service is also environmentally friendly.

Affordable solutions

Our focus is to provide the highest quality service to meet the specific needs of our customers at affordable prices. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal. Our support center is always at your service.

Our experience

We have been providing the most trustworthy services for the past seven years. Each of our cleaners is specially trained. Our experience and the quality of our work have put us at the top of what we have reached today in Kuwait.

Customer Feedback

Abdullah Al-Azad
Abdullah Al-Azad
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I have three commercial buildings. They always properly clean it. Any need is available immediately when you contact them. Moreover, their support is very good. I have been receiving regular service from them for a long time. Their cleaner team is very efficient and easy to use. I am referring to getting service from them.
Kamal Hussein
Kamal Hussein
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I am the manager of a private company. All our office cleaning is done by them and we getting their services for a long time. So far they haven't received any bad reports. Because their team seems very skilled and experienced. Their working technology is also very advanced. Thank you cleaning service Kuwait team.
Munir Chowdhury
Munir Chowdhury
Home Owner
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I have 5 buildings and in all, they work all the time. There is no doubt about their service. Because I always get very good service from them and I am satisfied with their service. Their working technique, advanced equipment, and team member usage are very good. So I refer them, you can take service from them.
Rejaul Ahmed
Rejaul Ahmed
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I have getting service from them as a reference from one of my friends. I was in emergency need of a cleaning service. Then I talk to them. They arrive on time and complete all work efficiently. No one could give me such good service before. I am very happy with their work. I will receive service from them regularly from now on.

Our Popular Services

Apartment Cleaning Service in Kuwait
Apartment Cleaning Service

Looking for an affordable apartment cleaning service in Kuwait? Look no further, as we offer top-quality cleaning services at budget-friendly prices.

House Cleaning Service in Kuwait
House Cleaning Service

House Cleaning Service in Kuwait provides professional and reliable cleaning services for homes and businesses in Kuwait. Customer satisfaction is our main goal.

Carpet Cleaning Service Near Me
Carpet Cleaning Service

We provide thorough, efficient, and top-quality cleaning to revitalize your carpets and enhance your indoor environment. We offer top-notch cleaning solutions.

Kitchen Cleaning Service in Kuwait
Kitchen Cleaning Service

Our reliable kitchen cleaning service in Kuwait provides thorough and efficient cleaning for your kitchen, ensuring a sparkling and germ-free environment.

Sofa Cleaning Service in Kuwait
Sofa Cleaning Service

Our services are tailored to meet your specific needs and provide efficient and thorough cleaning solutions. Say goodbye to unsightly spots & enjoy all time.

Benefits Of Choosing Our Floor Cleaning Service
Floor Cleaning Service

For professional floor cleaning services in Kuwait, trust the expertise of our team. We ensure a spotless and hygienic environment for your home or office.

Office Cleaning Service in Kuwait
Office Cleaning Service

Looking for top-notch office cleaning services in Kuwait? Our professional team offers high-quality, reliable cleaning for all your office needs.

Window Cleaning Service in Kuwait
Window Cleaning Service

We use modern equipment and safe techniques to ensure sparkling and pristine windows, leaving a lasting impression on your visitors or clients.

Cleaning Tips

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